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Skillet Skills

Skillet Kitchens offers a unique training program designed to prepare inmates for employment in the food industry upon their release. With instruction based on restaurant and hospitality standards, Skillet Skills is an innovative initiative providing education and experience in proper food handling, preparation, storage, and safety. After graduation, participants receive a certification, in addition to being qualified to take the ServSafe™ Training Food Service Handler’s test. Thanks to Skillet Skills, former inmates are finding themselves back in the workforce, and not back in jail. 

With Skillet Skills, Inmates Receive: 

 • Instruction and experience in food handling, preparation, storage, and safety. 

• Knowledge of restaurant and hospitality industry standards. 

• Certification upon course completion. 

Skillet Skills Salad Medium.jpg

• Preparation for the Serve Safe Training Service Handler’s test. 

• Enhanced employment opportunities and support when released. 

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